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Read Only in G013?

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on May 9, 2014
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Read Only in G013?


     I am opening a Filemaker Server 12 db using Go 13. I have a script that works using just Go 13 in a local file on the Touch.

     I've copied most of the layouts and scripts into the hosted db and am fairly certain everything is the same.

     However, when I get to the point where the script performs a container field, it doesn't work on 13 with the hosted 12 file.

     And, if I use the toolbar to try to create a new record, it acts as if it is read only.

     Sadly, Go 12 has been removed from the App store.

     Maybe I have a copy on iCloud?

     So, is there an answer to my problem such as its broke in 13 (tap on the container field to insert a photo,etc) and where can I get a copy of Go 12.