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Record disappears, phantom record created

Question asked by KateBirch_1 on Aug 26, 2013
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Record disappears, phantom record created



     Over the last few months, I've lost 4 records from one table of my database. The record each time is replaced with a phantom record - question marks in all the fields. I've read that phantom records are caused by indexes breaking, and that rebuilding fixes them, but;

     a) rebuilding the indexes doesn't remove the phantom records in my case

     b) rebuilding the indexes doesn't restore the data that is missing. 

     Further, the known bug seems to report that phantom records are records that have been deleted but are still appearing. I don't believe that this is happening in my case. Delete is not available to users, unless as part of a script. I can't find a script that may be deleting these records, and even if it was, why each time do I get a phantom record? I've checked that there are no "delete relatated records" on any of the relationships. 

     Doing a full restore on the database removes the phantom records, but again, those records are lost. For us that can be detrimental, some data can simply not be regenerated. I've accessed backups in the past to retrieve the lost information, but twice the record was generated and lost between back ups. I've increased the back up schedule while I try and solve this.  

     The database is hosted on filemaker server adv 12, and is accessed with FIlemkaer Go 12 through a VPN. Users are reporting that this problem seems to happen when their wifi/VPN is lost, but not every time that their connection is lost. 

     I also have users that access the database through FM Pro 12 and IWP, and have not seen this problem occur there. 

     Help please!