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Recording Video in a container in FilemakerGo Freezes... Sometimes

Question asked by mmorin on Oct 3, 2013
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Recording Video in a container in FilemakerGo Freezes... Sometimes


     Hello!  I'm hoping you can help with a problem we have been having with recording videos through FMGo.


     I have container field that we are using to record video in a FMgo program.  About 50% of the time when we click the record video within the container, the screen freezes on the shutter window of the ipad.  All we have to do is press the home key to minimize FMGo then click on it again and the shutter opens and we can click record and are on our way.

     Though we have a work around, we are using the program constantly in a fast paced training environment.  Where we video record and event then enter information about the event and then create the next record and repeat.  We'll run through a minimum of 20 scenarios in a morning and the ipad is constantly in use.

     What I've done so far to trouble shoot:

  •           Set video size to medium instead of HD within File maker go.  (tried lower resolutions but they were too grainy and we had the same problem)
  •           Used on both Ipad Retina Display and Mini with same results
  •           Shut down iPad completely (thinking it was taking up resources and freezing)
  •           Recreated the table with the container
  •           Made sure the field on the layout was set to interactive content.
  •           I cannot discern a pattern like it happens after a certain amount of time and when it does happen it could work perfectly any number of times after, then stops.
  •           I've also ran this program networked to FMServer and standalone on an ipad.
  •           These iPads are totally vanilla, we have not installed anything else on them except FMGo

     Again it does work and we still get the video, but it's not good when we have to pause a training to close and reopen to fmgo to continue especially in the fast paced environment we are training in.

     I'm hoping someone has come across this issue and has a solution for me.  I am running FMGo 12, FMPro Adv; and 12 and FMserver adv 12 .


     Thanks for any help!