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    recover from 'file damaged' on iPad?



      recover from 'file damaged' on iPad?


      Is there any way to recover from a 'file damaged' on an iPad without moving the file to a host computer, recovering it, and moving it back? The script step 'recover file' apparently is not available to an ios device/in FM go. I need clients to have the ability to 'fix' their database when out of range of internet service.

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          File recover is not supported on ios devices, so you would have to move the file to a computer.     I would search for the reason why the file is getting corrupt and try to prevent the file from getting corrupt.

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            I'd love to discover the reason why the file got corrupted, but have no idea how to go about doing so. When I 'recovered' the file, all that was evident that was done in the recovery was rebuilding the indices.

            Since the corruption is not reproducible (at least I've never been able to reproduce a 'file damaged' condition that just needed the indices rebuilt), are there any suggestions how to proceed?


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              It has been confirmed by FM tech support that FileMaker Go has memory management problems.  I believe this puts files in an unstable state.  Files will either crash or not work properly when this problem occurs.  I would guess this issue falls into the memory management category.  I had a fmgo file that needed recovered.  The recovery didn't indicate a problem with the file and said the file was fine to use.  Looking through the log file didn't show any problems.  I did replace the file with a new one.

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                If it is just the index files that were corrupt then the file should still be ok to use, anything else then it would be recommend to replace the file.   I haven't seen any post nor have I heard of any file corruption occurring because of the memory management issue, but you never know anything possible.  I would ask the user if the databases has crashed and find out what the user was doing when the device crashed.   

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                  The recovery summary said no problem was found in the data, that it only rebuilt the indices.


                  I reviewed the code around the spot that the user said the problem occurred. and found it went to a layout with a portal that referenced a table in the host/shared database. That portal is only used by functions transferring data between the shared host and the iPad, which occurs only when the iPad is in range to access the 'shared' host database. That portal is not used when the iPad is not within wifi range of the host (availability of the host is checked before those functions are executed).

                  When I used the script debugger, just the 'go to layout' script step - not trying to use any of the data on the layout - caused the script to temporarily hang. If there are memory management issues with FM Go, it seems possible to me that this might be the cause.

                  I resolved that issue so the iPad away from the host does not use the layout with that portal. Now we'll see what happens!

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                    Your description does not sound like a memory issue.  If the database was connected to the host database and then the connection was interrupted then data / indexes can become corrupted.  I would add more warning message, stating that the user should only connect to sync the database using wifi.

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                      Your user might be in range at the start and then something causes a loss of signal in the middle of this update...

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                        Are you saying that If my app has a sync model and the device loses its connection it may corrupt the local file ?

                        That does not seem very safe to say the least.