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    Recover Logs



      Recover Logs


      I have been testing sending fp7's by email from an iPad to my Mac. A lot of the time when I open the file in FM Pro, I get a recover log on my desktop.

      Is this antything to worry about? Can information be lost this way?


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          To avoid duplication of effort see the responses in this parallel thread:  Recover Logs

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            Has anyone got any suggestions to reduce or ideally remove this issue completely?

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              Matthew Mackay:

              Thank you for your posts.

              When FileMaker Pro/Go opens a file, a flag is set to let FileMaker know the file is open.  When you close a file, that flag is unset.  This allows FileMaker to know if a file was closed properly.  If not, a recovery is done to make sure everything is consistent.

              If you are trying to email an open file from FileMaker Go, the flag is set to open.  Then, when you try to open that file on the Mac, FileMaker sees that the file was not closed properly, so the recover log file is created.

              The suggestion by "aammondd" in the parallel link is recommended.  That is, copy the file, as this will make a copy of the current file and the flag will be unset.  Then, use the copied file as the attachment in the email.  When you open on the Mac, a Recover log file will not be generated.

              Let me know if you need additional clarification.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                If I save a copy of the current fp7 to the iPad, is there any way of filemaker go opening the saved copy and sending it during the same script? I'm guessing not as it will be a separate fp7, but it seems a bit strange from a user point of view. Would filemaker go overwrite the existing file if the name is exactly the same?
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                  The problem doesn't occur every time as well, sometimes the file will open fine and all info is there. Sometimes it opens with a recover log and all info is there, other times it misses whole records. I'm looking for a solution for this problem that will have the least impact on user experience.
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                    If you try to save a copy with a file name that matches and existing copy, it will overwrite the existing copy if the file is closed. If if it is open the save will fail and you'll get an error code returned. Save a copy is often used with a variable to specify the file name and file path. The calculation that produces teh file name and file path can include a modified date or timestamp to make sure that the file name is uniqe. (You have to modify the data with a substitute function to strip out illegal filename characters such as "/" and ":".)

                    Attaching a file to a PDF and sending it does not actually "open" that file. Instead a path to that file is used to upload a copy of it to the email server and that is the copy your email recipient can download when the get the email.