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recovering lost data in portal

Question asked by LoriBode on Apr 24, 2013
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recovering lost data in portal


     Hi. I made our little fmp database 2 yrs ago myself and am VERY out of practice with it other than data entry but here goes.

     We are a tiny non-profit and I was trying to add extra rows on a master record that had a portal layout with records  from a table called "DONATIONS" listing 18 fields and  2213 records (info/records like date of donation, reason, method of payment). I may be using records, table incorrectly so bear with me.

What i was trying to do: I had one master record I needed to add a few extra rows on the donations layout to track more donations since I used the last one.. I screwed up and completely deleted all but the first row of that donations portal? and the 2213 connected records...I think... I have a backup of this info that is a month old. This means I will have a LOT of data entry to do over.

     Any tips for recovering the portal rows that contained the donation table's data that were lost  - or is is a lost cause and I should learn from my mistakes and move on to the endless month's worth of data entry ahead?

     How can one add additional rows to a portal that is already populated with data/records so that you don't delete all the associated records and all the rows from the portal?

     Thanks and again, i haven't been doing much developing with FMP since I first made the database so beginner baby talk helps.