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    recovering lost data in portal



      recovering lost data in portal


           Hi. I made our little fmp database 2 yrs ago myself and am VERY out of practice with it other than data entry but here goes.

           We are a tiny non-profit and I was trying to add extra rows on a master record that had a portal layout with records  from a table called "DONATIONS" listing 18 fields and  2213 records (info/records like date of donation, reason, method of payment). I may be using records, table incorrectly so bear with me.

      What i was trying to do: I had one master record I needed to add a few extra rows on the donations layout to track more donations since I used the last one.. I screwed up and completely deleted all but the first row of that donations portal? and the 2213 connected records...I think... I have a backup of this info that is a month old. This means I will have a LOT of data entry to do over.

           Any tips for recovering the portal rows that contained the donation table's data that were lost  - or is is a lost cause and I should learn from my mistakes and move on to the endless month's worth of data entry ahead?

           How can one add additional rows to a portal that is already populated with data/records so that you don't delete all the associated records and all the rows from the portal?

           Thanks and again, i haven't been doing much developing with FMP since I first made the database so beginner baby talk helps.




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               There is not a built in option to recover deleted records.  That is a good reason to make regular backups.  You should copy the live database (Save a Copy As) and make your changes to the backup copy.  I usually make more than one copy.  Once you have complete your modifications then you take the live database offline and import the data into the new modified databases.  You would make a blank copy of new database and import from old live databases then put the new database on line. 

               See PhilModJunks Link on Saving Sequential backups. 

          Saving Sequential Back Ups During Development

               To add records via a portal you have to check a box in the relationship graph to allow creations of records via this relationship. 

               Click Manage, Database, Relationship tab,  then find the relationship that your portal is based on then click the relational operator. (Examples [=],[X])  then click allow creations of records via this relationship.





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                 thanks. Helpful:)

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                   Thanks for your reply.

                   On closer examination  I discovered that all the data and associated records I had previously thought deleted are still there but hiding in the database without the appropriate portal to show them.

                   They are just hiding because I screwed up and deleted all but the first row of the donations portal i had for all those donations records. So its just the oldest donation that shows. The field i created which totaled all the donation ID records is still working. it was not part of the portal tho.

                   All i have to do is figure out how to put back the additional windows of the portal I had deleted. It was creating a new one and sorting ascending by date. I've tried multiple stabs in the dark, making xtra copies of the database each time of course-just in case.

                   Make any sense? Ideas? Or S_Chamblee recommendation still stands?

                   Thanks for any wisdom.

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                     Records are displayed in a portal based on a relationship.   There be a few reason why not displaying.  The records are not linked, the relationship is incomplete or  the record is deleted.  You can just delete a portal row, so you could have just delete part of the records.  If you have a layout of all your donations, then go to that layout and enter find mode and seach for a donor, then scoll thru those records and see if they are all there.  If they are I would say the relationship is broke, if not then I would guess that they have been deleted.  If you don't have a layout of just donations, then create one.  You will have to search the donation layout based on the relationship field. Which if this field is blank and other fields are not, this would mean the relationship is broke and you would have to relink to the parent record.