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Reference a locally stored FM Go solution

Question asked by mc_1 on Apr 24, 2015
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Reference a locally stored FM Go solution



We are running FM Server 13 on a dedicated Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise machine. We also have a few brand new iPad Air 2s, running iOS 8.3 & FM Go 13.0.9.  Right now, our solution is entirely hosted on the server.

I would like each iPad to have a local file which, among other things, will store the pictures taken by that iPad.

To this end, I am attempting to have the hosted solution look for the local solution as an external data source. This has been successful when using a hard-coded full path using the results from a Get(FilePath) on an iPad, but I am having trouble with the relative path syntax.

In testing, "file:~/filename.fmp12" looks in the server's local disk, and fails to find the iPad's local solution. filewin: / filemac: fail as well.

What would be the correct relative path syntax to have a hosted solution use a local FM Go solution as an external data source?