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Refresh window script step resets portal scroll positions

Question asked by weetbicks on May 1, 2012
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Refresh window script step resets portal scroll positions


Hi all,

I'm encountering another frustrating problem with FileMaker Go while developing a little contacts database. This time the refresh window script step is causing portal scroll positions to reset themselves to the top of the portal.  In FileMaker 12 Pro this is not the case, it is only happening in Go.

You may ask why I am using the refresh window script step in the first place - well it is the only way I have found to fix another bug in FileMaker Go 12 around the keyboard remaining open.  I have the cursor in a field which opens the keyboard. I also have a button on the layout that the user clicks to run a script. The script does a commit record and then goes back to the tab that has the portal on it. However without a refresh window step after the commit, the keyboard remains on-screen even though the commit should have exited the field (which it has). I'm sure this is a bug. If I subsequently beign to scroll the layout with that keyboard open, it eventually disappears but leaves a big grey block at the bottom of the layout where it was, then all kinds of crazy stuff happens which forces me to close the database and reopen!

So not sure what to do, help! Ideally the bug should be fixed which should fix both issues, but failing that the refresh window step should at least not reset portal scroll positions, but it's a catch 22 at the moment :(  Any ideas? thanks!