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    Remote disconnect



      Remote disconnect


      If i leave my remote computer idle for more than 5 minutes the connection to the Filemaker host drops and in order to restore it I have to reboot the host computer.  This just started happening in the last week.  There have been no recent system changes.  Any suggestions on why this might be happening and how to fix it?

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          You've posted this question in the FM GO forum for iPad and iPhone users. Is your "remote computer" such a device or have you posted in the wrong section? (This is easy to do.)

          What software are you using to host the database? FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server? What version of this software?

          What operating system are the host and remote computers? What software and what versions?

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            Sorry, I did get the wrong forum...although I use FM Go on my Iphone also...no problems connecting from there.

            My host is a Mac using OSX 10.6

            Software is FM 10 on remote computer and Fm Pro 11 on host (not FM server).  I only run 2 remote computers and the I-Phone on this system.