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remote file resists being closed, asks for login

Question asked by William-Porter on Sep 25, 2014
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remote file resists being closed, asks for login


FileMaker Go 13 running in iOS 8.

I've got a two-file solution. The data file is hosted remotely at one of the most reputable hosting services in the US. The front-end file is stored locally. Data file is opened hidden and stays hidden during use of the solution. User closes solution by clicking close button that triggers a script. Script goes to a blank layout based on a local table and references no tables or fields in the data file. Last two steps in the closing script are:

Close [data file] // i.e. the remotely-hosted data file

Close [current file] // i.e. the locally stored UI file

On the iPad, the front-end file closes for sure. But apparently the remotely hosted back-end file is NOT getting closed — or perhaps it's a matter of the session simply not being terminated properly. In any case, two or three seconds after the solution appears to be closed, a dialog suddenly appears in FM Go prompting user to log into the data file. In order actually to close the solution, user must now click "cancel" to make that dialog go away.

It works fine — exactly as expected — when same files are run on a Mac, either in Mavericks or Yosemite (public beta). Problem only occurs in Go, and it started when users upgraded iPads to iOS 8.