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    remote file resists being closed, asks for login



      remote file resists being closed, asks for login


      FileMaker Go 13 running in iOS 8.

      I've got a two-file solution. The data file is hosted remotely at one of the most reputable hosting services in the US. The front-end file is stored locally. Data file is opened hidden and stays hidden during use of the solution. User closes solution by clicking close button that triggers a script. Script goes to a blank layout based on a local table and references no tables or fields in the data file. Last two steps in the closing script are:

      Close [data file] // i.e. the remotely-hosted data file

      Close [current file] // i.e. the locally stored UI file

      On the iPad, the front-end file closes for sure. But apparently the remotely hosted back-end file is NOT getting closed — or perhaps it's a matter of the session simply not being terminated properly. In any case, two or three seconds after the solution appears to be closed, a dialog suddenly appears in FM Go prompting user to log into the data file. In order actually to close the solution, user must now click "cancel" to make that dialog go away.

      It works fine — exactly as expected — when same files are run on a Mac, either in Mavericks or Yosemite (public beta). Problem only occurs in Go, and it started when users upgraded iPads to iOS 8.



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          I don't have a file to test, but from the information I read in the "FileMaker Help" and also located at this link http://www.filemaker.com/help/11/fmp/html/scripts_ref2.37.19.html, if a file is not specified then it will close the ODBC file and allow you to re-login with a different user name.  It doesn't specify a Filemaker Data source but from what you describe Go is trying to re-login to the file.  All this being said, I would verify the path in the Close Data File and make sure that it is pointed to the correct file to close.  This may need to be reported at "Report An Issue".

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            Thanks for the note. Actually I thought I was using the "report an issue" link. I'll re-report it there.

            The path to the data file is correct. The data file is defined as an external data source in the manage external data sources dialog. Let's say it's called "data file". The close file step simply specifies that data source by name. So there's no problem with the path. And as I said it all works perfectly on the computer.

            Anyway thanks for the response.



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              A lot of FM GO Issue reports get filed here and TSGal usually responds to them in time. But Report an Issue is the better option...

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                William Porter:

                Thank you for your posts.

                I am unable to replicate the issue.  This is what I have done:

                1. In FileMaker Pro 13.0v3 on Mac OS X 10.9.5, I created a database file Main.fmp12 with the following fields:
                   ID (Number)
                   Name (Text)

                2. I entered one record, ID=1 and Name="TSGal"

                3. I created a second database file "Local.fmp12" with the following fields:
                   ID (Number)
                   Address (Text)

                4. In both files, I turned off the File Option to automatically open file using a user name and password.

                5. In Local.fmp12, I added a new user account TEST with login TEST and password TEST.

                6. In Local.fmp12, in the Relationship graph, I added a FileMaker Data Source, specifying the IP Address of the computer and Main.fmp12.  I then linked by the ID fields.

                7. Still in Local.fmp12, I created a portal on the layout to display the Name from Main.fmp12.

                8,. I then created two scripts.  One to close Main.fmp12 followed by Local.fmp12, and the second script to close Local.fmp12 followed by Main.fmp12.

                9. I closed all files and moved Local.fmp12 to the iPad running iOS 8 (via iTunes)

                10. I launched FileMaker Go 13.0v4 and opened Local.fmp12 using the TEST password.  I am then prompted for the password for Main.fmp12, where I enter admin.

                11. The portal displays, I add a record and enter ID-1.  "TSGal" then displays in the portal (as expected).  When I tap the upper left corner and select Windows, only Local.fmp12 is showing.

                12. I then run the first script (to close Main.fmp12 first) and although no error, it closes as expected.

                13. I then open Main.fmp12 (using admin), and then open Local.fmp12 (using TEST), and run the script again.  Both files close as expected.

                Let me know what I'm doing differently than you so I can replicate the issue.

                On a side note, have you tried closing the local file first before the hosted file?  From your description, this sounds like the dependency on the hosted file will be dropped, and you would not be asked for a password.

                FileMaker, Inc.

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                   I wonder if a recovered copy of this file would show the same behavior?

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                    Thanks for taking the time to test this. Your steps aren’t exactly the ones I took but it sounds like you ended up with the files configured the same way mine are.


                    Having read your description — and your result, namely, that you can’t reproduce the problem — I decided to try doing this from scratch. Sorry that didn’t occur to me earlier. 


                    In brief, I created the two files, the front-end file (UI only) and the back end file (data only). In the front-end file, identified the other file as an external data source. Layout in front-end shows data from the external data file. Wrote closing script that goes to a layout that doesn’t show any data, then closes the data file, and then closes the front end (current) file. Uploaded the data file to the server, then revised the address for the external data source so it now pointed to the file on the server.


                    The logins for the two files were completely different. SO when I opened the front-end file, I had to log into the data file with separate credentials.


                    Put the front-end file on my iPad, opened it. Logged into data file when prompted. Saw the data from the data file. Everything good. Ran the closing script, and….


                    To my surprise, everything closed as expected. I was NOT prompted to log into the data file again. In other words, I can’t reproduce it either, at least not with a new pair of files.


                    Good news for FileMaker Go if there really isn't a problem here after all. But a new headache for me, because my existing solution does still exhibit the quirk I reported initially. Darn. Not quite sure where to go from here. The essential and pertinent steps on the real solution are pretty much identical to those in my test files. 


                    Have no reason to suspect that either file in the real solution is damaged but I guess I’ll consider that possibility.


                    Thanks for your effort and for getting back to me.




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                      PhilModJunk asks,

                       I wonder if a recovered copy of this file would show the same behavior?

                      Yeah, I'm going to give that a try, as I can't think of anything else.



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                        William Porter:

                        Thanks for the update.

                        Somehow, your original UI (local) file is still attempting to stay connected to hosted main file.  Pull down the File menu and select Manage -> External Data Sources, and see if you have more than one reference to the data file.  Also, check to see if you have a close window trigger scripts (OnWindwClose or OnLastWindowClose), make sure that there is no updating of the data file as the data file would need to be opened.

                        FileMaker, Inc.