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    Report layout does not display on Filemaker Go?



      Report layout does not display on Filemaker Go?


      Hi, I was experimenting with a sub-summary report with a database in Filemaker 10 (the db is on a Filemaker 11 server) and got it to display some very simple data I was looking for.

      It looks perfect in Filemaker itself.

      However, in Filemaker Go it just shows up as blank. I just discovered that in Instant Web Publishing it shows as blank as well.

      Is there some very simple step I am missing to display this type of layout? Do I need a script or some other type of setting?



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          James Grubic:

          Thank you for your post.

          Can you describe the report in greater detail?  In FileMaker Go and Instant Web Publishing, are you viewing in List Mode?  Is the table sorted by the Sub-Summary fields?  Any other information you can provide would be helpful.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            It's something I made with the report wizard then changed the layout to be sub-summary.

            It displays in Filemaker in List view.

            In Go and IWP it looks like it is in List, but the layout area is completely white instead of grey like the layout should be. The top header area displays.

            I can switch to Form view and the color in the layout returns and it display one record, but it isn't a sub-summary.



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              I believe I have this corrected on the Filemaker Go, by saving the Layout script at the end of the Report Wizard and then setting an OnLayoutLoad action to load that script when the layout is loaded.

              However, still not successful in getting the IWP to show it. 

              I still need to set the layout to sub-summary manually, as I don't see that in the wizard.

              It's possible I might be confused as to how Restore Sort Order should work when transversing devices. Maybe it also has something to do with the IWP only displaying records 61 to 85 for example.

              I changed the script slightly due to an error it threw on the FMGO for Preview Mode:

              Enter Browse Mode []
              Go to Layout ["Test Report 2"]
              Sort Records [Restore; No dialog] 


              Thanks for any assistance, I am giving a demo today on using Filemaker Go for a proposed solution and it would obviously be a major selling point for your product if this worked.

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                Just in case, add Show All Records after Go To Layout... Cool

                Also you might add:

                Show All Records
                View as List

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                  Thanks, but I still cannot get the IWP report page to show anything other than a blank white page.

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                    OK, IWP...

                    IWP does not do everything that FIlemaker does and unfortunately Filemaker leaves it up to us to discover what it will and won't do instead of creating an application to design IWP files...

                    IWP uses html and probably a bit of Javascript which kills Go

                    Your sumary list reports which work so well in Filemaker Pro won't do it in IWP since IWP uses browser technology and not Filemaker Pro technology. Some people have a hard time understanding that...

                    IWP running in a browser is not Filemaker Pro running on your computer.

                    Summary List Reports work in Pro and Go but obviously not in IWP. 

                    Print your summary report to a pdf file and display that in your browser.

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                      I'm not going to print my summary to a pdf and display that in the browser, that is silly.  :P

                      I need live statistics available to a web visitor.

                      It sounds like I need to make custom calculation fields to display meaningful compilation data since the IWP interface that FM provides apparently has a restriction of 1-25 records displayed, or has some other problem preventing from displaying sub-summary data.

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                        Sometimes such an approach can be simplified with the creation of a related table where you have one record for each group of records that you would otherwise have summarized with a sub summary layout part. Calculation fields that use aggregate functions such as Sum, count, average can be defined in the new summary table to compute your sub totals or you can use summary fields defined in the original table but displayed on your layout based on the new summary table to get your sub totaled values.

                        Of course, this adds the complication of needing to add a new table of records and keep it properly updated for each possible "group"--something that may be easy or hard to achieve depending on the design and use of your database, but usually it's fairly easy to set up and maintain with scripts. Sometimes, you find that you already have such a table to support other functions in your database and you just need to add in the needed extras to produce your report.

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                          To reiterate, IWP is HTML and not Filemaker Pro. The engineers have done a reasonable job of translating Filemaker results into HTML, just read the source code to see the problems they have solved and how complex the code is that Filemaker sends to a browser.

                          OK, so you have to find a work around...

                          Consider that portals work in IWP and maybe you can resolve some problems using a portal and the results of the portal could be filtered by a click on another portal or using a popup menu or radio buttons, etc. to set a global that is used to make the link, etc.

                          Portals are limited in IWP as to the number of records they show.