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    Request IPad Serial for identificaion



      Request IPad Serial for identificaion



      is it possible to receive the Ipad serialnumber (shown in the preferences) and store this inforamtion in the login information.

      We want to give our sales stuff IPads. This person can log in to the filemaker database with there account.

      ser can only log in from the Ipad that i gave thim with his login information.

      I saw that it is possible to find out what version of client the user used and on what system he loged in.

      Maybe someone can help me.



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          Armin Wittmann Cabrera:

          Thanks for posting.

          There doesn't appear to be a way to get the iPad's serial number through FileMaker Go. You could, however, use the Get(SystemNICAddress) statement to grab the iPad's MAC address. The MAC address is unique and won't randomly change so it might prove to be a viable alternative in your situation.


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            Hello TSBear,

            thanks for the nice welcome.

            This is good to hear to recevie a unique ID for the device. So we can add this for login Identification to our project that we plan.

            Many thanks for your support.


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              Is the SystemNicAddress related to the device, or to the memory card.

              Will this reference change if the card is changed ?

              Thank you for your help,


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                There are a number of GETS builtin to Filemaker that can be used to identify the computer. The amount of information that can be gained is staggering. Anyway, you can create a table of authorized computers and compare that information to the table and if it does not match, exit the file.

                There are circumstances in which you will need to update the table as was pointed out. It is also a quickway to stop a formerly authorized computer/user who is now not authorized by a change in the authorizing record or deleting it. This is convenient if the manager is not a full access acount and lets accounts be authorized on equipment as well as passwords.

                With the auto-login features you might need to quickly de-autorize a lost or stolen or temporarily mislaid deveice.

                Creating a table of logins using these gets is useful for reviewing the positive and negative logins, even the failed logins.

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                  Further testing of the Get(SystemNicAddress) indicates that it grabs more than the built in ethernet card, in my case the router installed by Comcast. I am going to test with the local library wifi...

                  Anyway, here's a solution to the problem (assuming the last listed NIC is the computer's NIC):

                  GetValue ( System NIC Address ; ValueCount ( System NIC Address) )

                  System NIC Address is the name I use for a field in my login table. You can replace it with the GET or your own field or variable.