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    Resizing for portrait orientation



      Resizing for portrait orientation


      My desktop layout fits fine on ipad in landscape orientation. When I change to portrait orientation the right side gets cut off as in the attached screen shot. I have the blue rectangle's anchors set to lock for top, left, and right. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.


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          Do I need to provide more info here? is it not clear what the issue is?

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            The only way to have a non-scrolling solution on an iPad is build within a 768 (w) x 673 (h) area.  If you layout is bigger than that, you'll have scrolling.

            Also, if the left lock is checked then the objects will not move over to the right.  If you have only the top lock locked, the objects will maintain their original size but move horizontally on the layout.  

            If you haven't seen it the Filemaker GO Toolkit from Soliant can be a great help.  It includes a Mobile Size Reference that will help you with iOS layouts.  (http://www.soliantconsulting.com/gotoolkit/)

            Hope this helps!

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              Jeff Friedman:

              Thanks for posting.

              One possibility is that the layout objects are actually larger than the screen width in portrait view. For best results, the layout objects should be sized to the smallest size you would expect someone to view the database in. The dimensions of a window in FileMaker Go on the iPad with the status bar enabled is 768W x 929H so I would check to see if the width of your objects are currently greater than 768 pixels.

              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                Thanks. I guess I was thinking that the autosize made the elements smaller to fit the portrait orientation. So what you are saying is if you want to be able to use in either orientation make even the landscape orientation no wider than the portrait orientation? If so, I'm not getting the autosize feature then...

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                  Is it considered bad form to create iPad layouts ONLY for LANDSCAPE orientation?

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                    The autoize elements expand but do not contract and a bit of thought will find a reason why.

                    So, you have two elements A & B side by side.

                    Anchor the top and left side of A and the Left, Top, and Right side of B.

                    Now A will stay fixed while B will expand to fill the screen to the left side.

                    Now, size the total width of A & B to fill the smallest dimension, the width in Portrait view, adjusting a & b as needed.

                    When you switch to landscape, B will expand to the left while A remains as is. You can see this in the formatting tool bar.

                    If you have single elements such as lines or pictures, set them to anchor left and right, top or bottom depending on their location. They will expand to fill the screen as needed. However, you will need to set the right edge to the furthest right edge on the layout and drag left of the object to wherever you want.

                    There are more tricks but that will get your started.