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Revisiting the "field enlarges downward" problem

Question asked by tcmeyers on Aug 16, 2012
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Revisiting the "field enlarges downward" problem


An odd thing about FileMaker Go is that when you place the insertion point into a field, the field lengthens downward, basically showing what is probably two lines of vertical space, even though the field is one line on the layout, and empty of content.

In the past we were instructed to deal with this by setting the field with the "Include vertical scroll bar" option selected... which did work, and the scroll bar did NOT show if the field was made only one line tall on the layout.

Using a "touch" oriented theme changes this, though. For example, if you use the River Touch theme, the old problem of the fields enlarging downward still occurs (and I _still_ don't understand why this can't be fixed), but if you try to use the work-around of setting "Include vertical scroll bar" it does keep the field from enlarging, but now the scroll arrows DO show, both looking inappropriate and limiting the usable width of the field. What's worse, is that if the field is wide enough to display a value of 6.5 when it is not selected, for example, if the cursor is then put into it, the value "wraps" so that only the 5 is visible and the scroll bar actually disappears so you can't even get far enough up in the field to see the "6." part.

Is there a new suggested work around?

Or (I hope) maybe a fix addressing the original cause?