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Rolling "Squirrel Cage" in iTunes

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jul 24, 2013
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Rolling "Squirrel Cage" in iTunes


     I connect my iPhone 4S to my windows 7 computer and iTunes launches automatically.

     I click the iphone button and then click the Apps button.

     I click the icon for FileMaker Go so that my Go files list in the window near the bottom of this screen.

     I then drag and drop a new copy of one of my files onto this list, get the dialog asking if I want to replace the copy on the iPhone and click replace.

     Once in a while as I start to move the mouse so that I can click Sync and copy the file across to my phone, the listed files disappear and the list "flickers" looking something like an old vacum tube TV that lost its vertical hold or the bars of a rotating "squirrel cage".

     I then have to unplug the cord from my computer, plug it back in and repeat the steps listed above before I can sync my files.

     I suspect this is an iTunes bug to be reported to Apple. Anyone else seen this? Is iTunes trying to tell me something?