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Rookie needs clarification

Question asked by BradMontgomery on Sep 18, 2012
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Rookie needs clarification


     I need a hero. : )   I'm a rookie user and am totally baffled by the descriptions of GO and FMP 12.

     I'm currently using FMP 11 ...designed by a pro.  not a huge data base...I'm a two person biz.

     Currently my file is in DropBox...and my assistant occationally accesses the file.

     If I upgrade to FMP 12 can I just use it on GO?   

     But I'm confused about how the syncining or updating takes place if we don't use a filemaker server.   I can live with just being abe to access the database on the iPhone...and not make changes.  

     (I think I understand that changes made on the iphone will not make it back to my desktop)  But of course I'd want to make sure that I am seeing the latest changes made on the desktop on the iphone.  

     The description mentioned wi-fi syncing...but to be honest I am still in the dark.  How in the heck does it work?

Would anybody be willing to explain in rookie terms how this works?   I'm happy to pay for the upgrade but I'm skittish as I don't understand how it would update, what the downsides are, and what other questions I should be asking.


     Thanks so much.  You're making my day.


     Brad in Denver