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Round Corners!

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Apr 16, 2012


Round Corners!


A new feature in 12 is the ability to change an object from square to round cornered. So far I've got this to work with everything: buttons, text objects, container fields, fields and even my mouse. No, wait, it was already round cornered.

One final answer to a problem that had been bugging me and was creating a rounded graphic like the buttons in IOS with minimal effort. Here's how. 

Use a container field to hold the transparent graphic and make the container round cornered and then apply a gradient to it. Not quite the same glassy effect but way better than before. No photoshop or graphics program needed!

Or create your button as usual and apply the effects above and then insert a graphic icon on top of it.

Thought I'd add something positive and of value to brighten everyone's day after all of the 'bug' posts...

Also note that if you try create one layout from each of the templates, you may find buttons and gadgets there in that you can copy and paste...