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    Running Customer Profile through FileMaker Go



      Running Customer Profile through FileMaker Go


      I want to run my client database through FileMaker go.  I can access the file open and navigate throughout.  However  I need some expert advice on solving the following dilemmas:

      1. Printing my clients receipts, with the ability to print now from the iPads has anyone heard if this option will now be available in this unique situation?

      2. There are 2 therapists in the clinic that need to have access to the same database.  We were hoping to use a cloud service to facilitate this need.  How, could we even do that with the cpf. File?

      We are just becoming for familiar with apple products so please excuse the slight ignorance.  Any help would be kindly appreciated!

      The name of my data base is Customer Profile by Land software.



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          Jennifer, a couple of questions.


          Are you using your iPads at the same location most if not all of the time? within the clinic? One solution would be to put your database solution on a Filemaker Pro server and have both your iPads connect to the database on the Server instead of locally on the iPad.


          Also have you asked Land software about this? They might have a solution to meet your needs.

          I have a lot more questions about your usage needs. Can you explain in some detail about how you expect to use this database application? That would help determine what kind of solution is right for you.

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            Same office, same clients. However 2 therapists running 2 separate iPads, not in the office at the same time.  Basically we use land softwares program to track client info, treatment info and sessions.  We were hoping to sync this database to both laptops via FileMaker go.

            We enter our clients initially, then follow up appt we update their health history and record their session and print their receipts.  We also use the basic inventory option within this program as well.  We split the clients.  So in one day we share clients on the same database.  Incorporating the 2 devices allow portability for our therapists, and at home file notes.

            Did ask land software about this problem and said it was out of his scope and FileMaker would be responsible for technical support!  

            thanks for the help!

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              J Harrison:

              Thank you for your post.

              If only two users are going to be accessing the file, you don't need FileMaker Server.  Just have a copy of FileMaker Pro hosting the database file on a computer, and then use FileMaker Go as clients to log into the host database.  Then, you can make real-time updates to the server.

              FileMaker Go will not use any syncing service to transfer files.

              Let me know if you need additional clarification.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                I can't be sure but it certainly looks like it was created in Filemaker Pro. Like mentioned above your best bet is to go directly to Land Software and ask them about your needs. It looks to be a Mac company doing Filemaker development and so they might even be moving into Go development and certainly can help you with your printing questions.