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Running Customer Profile through FileMaker Go

Question asked by JHarrison on Nov 19, 2011
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Running Customer Profile through FileMaker Go


I want to run my client database through FileMaker go.  I can access the file open and navigate throughout.  However  I need some expert advice on solving the following dilemmas:

1. Printing my clients receipts, with the ability to print now from the iPads has anyone heard if this option will now be available in this unique situation?

2. There are 2 therapists in the clinic that need to have access to the same database.  We were hoping to use a cloud service to facilitate this need.  How, could we even do that with the cpf. File?

We are just becoming for familiar with apple products so please excuse the slight ignorance.  Any help would be kindly appreciated!

The name of my data base is Customer Profile by Land software.