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Sadly I report a script calculation and graphics slowness in GO12

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Apr 12, 2012
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Sadly I report a script calculation and graphics slowness in GO12


There is a noticeable slow down in a script of mine that relies on about 30 related TOs to insert a value in a field to display 20x40 pixel playing cards from a related file and other stuff. I can also see the swirling arrow indicating that the graphic hasn't arrived yet when I scroll a list of 5 playing cards using a similar idea.

In Go11 the delay is barely noticeable but in Go12 there is a 4 second delay in calculating the refills for the form layouts and the list view just shows the swirling arrow for less than a second.

I am using several repeating fields with about 53 reps into which I insert a number, etc.

I have compacted the file and I am in the process of upgrading the layout to 12 stuff. I also restarted my Touch and copied over new files.

I haven't tried re-creating the layouts in 12 to see if any part of the problem might be do layout conversion but I will try tomorrow.

So, I join the club of those waiting expectantly for the update!

Good luck guys... I can just imagine all the take out cartons next to the engineers computers and the bottles of aspirin and the red eyes and bodies needing sleep and relaxation... I remember the time when a client had refused to spend the dough on backups and then his server crashed and we determined it was the fault of the software (not Filemaker) and I had to do a crash rewrite in FoxBase (YUCKKKKKK)... and I had never used Foxbase but some early test revealed it was more data safe since I couldn't destroy the db or loose more than one record by unplugging the computer... Those were the early days and people were just lucky to find someone like me to design a db for them. Now there are thousands...