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    Sadly I report a script calculation and graphics slowness in GO12


      Sadly I report a script calculation and graphics slowness in GO12


      There is a noticeable slow down in a script of mine that relies on about 30 related TOs to insert a value in a field to display 20x40 pixel playing cards from a related file and other stuff. I can also see the swirling arrow indicating that the graphic hasn't arrived yet when I scroll a list of 5 playing cards using a similar idea.

      In Go11 the delay is barely noticeable but in Go12 there is a 4 second delay in calculating the refills for the form layouts and the list view just shows the swirling arrow for less than a second.

      I am using several repeating fields with about 53 reps into which I insert a number, etc.

      I have compacted the file and I am in the process of upgrading the layout to 12 stuff. I also restarted my Touch and copied over new files.

      I haven't tried re-creating the layouts in 12 to see if any part of the problem might be do layout conversion but I will try tomorrow.

      So, I join the club of those waiting expectantly for the update!

      Good luck guys... I can just imagine all the take out cartons next to the engineers computers and the bottles of aspirin and the red eyes and bodies needing sleep and relaxation... I remember the time when a client had refused to spend the dough on backups and then his server crashed and we determined it was the fault of the software (not Filemaker) and I had to do a crash rewrite in FoxBase (YUCKKKKKK)... and I had never used Foxbase but some early test revealed it was more data safe since I couldn't destroy the db or loose more than one record by unplugging the computer... Those were the early days and people were just lucky to find someone like me to design a db for them. Now there are thousands...

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          Jack Rodgers:

          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.

          You mentioned you would try to recreate the layouts in FileMaker Pro 12.  Have you found any improvement in performance?  Are you viewing the records in Form View?  List View?  Table View?  How many graphics are being displayed at one time?  Are the graphics all coming from the related table?

          Is it possible you could send in a copy of your file so we can test it here to find out what is causing the slow performance?  If so, check your Inbox at the top of this page for instructions where to send the file.

          FileMaker, Inc.