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    Save Send



      Save Send


      I read in the FileMaker Go help that you can email a database by clicking the gear, then clicking Save/Send, then clicking Database...


      However, after I click on Save/Send, "Database..." is greyed out and not available.


      What gives?

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          Hi Joel Anderson:

          Thanks for posting.

          Is the database you are accessing hosted from a server, or is it locally stored in FileMaker Go?

          Are you prompted for a username and password when opening the database in FileMaker Go?

          Accessing the database with a restricted account, such as Data entry only or Read only, would cause the “Save/Send Database” option to become grayed out.  Make sure your account is using the [Full Access] privilege set and then try sending the database.  The database needs to be opened in FileMaker Pro to confirm the privilege set on your account.  This is found under the file menu in Manage Security.  Each account in the security window will list the privilege set being used.  Let me know if this helps with your issue.



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