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      Script Help


           I am running into an issue with trying to create a script. I am using the Invoice Starter database from Filemaker 11. I have a Wasp barcode reader that I am able to scan barcodes with. Once the barcode is read the appropriate record loads into the line items area. What I would like is once the first barcode is read that it will automatically advance to the next line item so that I can scan an additional barcode. Right now I am having to select the next line item then scan another barcode. I have attached a screenshot of the script, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 


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               Are you doing this on a computer in FileMaker Pro or on an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad?

               Are you on a layout with a portal to LineITems when this script is performed?

               If so, go to object should be used to put the focus on a particular portal. An object name is something that you specify for a layout object while in layout mode. You'd select the layout and then enter an object name in the Name box on the Inspector's position tab.

               Then you'd use
               Go to Object ["PortalObjectNameInQuotesHere"]
               Go to Portal Row [Last ]

               To go to the bottom "add" row of the portal for adding a new line item record.

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                 I am doing this from an Ipad. Yes, I am on a layout with a portal to LineItems. Do I need anything else in the script other then what you have stated?



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                       The script simply makes the bottom "add new portal record" row the current row. Presumably, you would also include a go to field step to put the cursor into the correct field to receive the data from your scanner. How the data from the scanning app is transmitted back to FIleMaker is a detail that I do not know for your scanner.


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                         Phil, Thanks for your help. I am using the Product ID field to scan. I can either select the field and manually pick from the drop down menu of products that appears or once a barcode is scanned it matches the barcode which is the same as product id and populates the line item with the correct information. I have tried the different "terminator" on the scanner to no avail. I am not using a 3rd part app to bring the scans from the Barcode reader to Filemaker. The scanner connected via bluetooth. Am using a Wasp WWS550i scanner if that makes any difference.