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Question asked by ChrisCameron on Sep 24, 2013


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I am using Invoice Starter Database. Currently, I have a Wasp scanner connected via bluetooth to ipad. When selecting product id on invoices tab I am able to scan the barcode and it looks into Product database and enters in appropriate data. It will not automatically advance to the next line item. I have to again select the product id then scan. I did look at the post you mentioned but I think due to my lack of scripting via Filemaker Is where my issues lies. 

                    I am also running into issues applying a barcode to look-up Customer Records like I have a seperate barcode that will look-up and display Products. I think I need to set-up similar behavior when I select "company id" and scan the company barcode for that company listing to populate, all is it doing currently is displaying numerically the barcode that it is scanning.Have tried the script triggers to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.