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Script to email copy of database using filemaker go

Question asked by MrMunchkin on Feb 5, 2014
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Script to email copy of database using filemaker go



     I would like to create a script which will allow me to make a copy of a filemaker go database (using iPad with filemaker go 13) and attach it to an email with a pre determined email address and subject filled in. The idea is that the user will only have to press one button within filemaker go and this will do all the work to send the email (the user will only need to press send in the mail app, everything else would already be filled in and attached).

     I have managed to almost create this using exporting as a .csv file but i cannot get it to work with the full database file or copy of the database file.

     The closest i can get is creating the email with the attachment but I need to fill the to: and subject: data in myself. I would like a process where we don't need to do this.

     Is there anybody who can help? I would really appreciate it.