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Script to email records being browsed from iPad to iPhone

Question asked by dumiya on Feb 14, 2012
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Script to email records being browsed from iPad to iPhone


I have looked a the similar thread but it is different.

This scrip works perfectly sending a list of records being browsed from iMac (FM11) to iPhone/iPad (FMGo).  .

But when the script is used (wholly in FMGo) from iPad (FMGo) to iPhone (FMGo) it only emails the first record instead of the records being browsed. I would appreciate any help as the final plan is that it should work only in FMGo that is iPad to iPhone.  I have had a lot of help in the FMPro forum but the script needs to be adjusted for FMGo and that is quite beyond me. The Script FMPro is below:


Set Variable [$FileName; Value:"Shopping List.pdf"]

Set Variable [$PDFPath; Value:Get(DocumentsPath) & $FileName]

Save Records as PDF [No dialogue; "$PDFPath"; Records being browsed]

Send Mail [Send via E-mail Client; To: ""; Subject: "Shopping List"; Message: "List"; $PDFPath]


Help would be appreciated

**Added Later** the script only sends the selected item not the list.  Can't save the FMGo settingS "Current Record" to found set. keeps reverting to current record.

** Added later** The above script is forcing the setting "Current Record"  If I work it manually I can get the whole list. but after running the script I notice the setting is set to "Current Record" and unless I change it manually I get only the current record.

I am not sure how to deal with this in the script  (Help)