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Scripting Non-PDF email attachments in Filemaker Go

Question asked by StaleJerky on Nov 11, 2013
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Scripting Non-PDF email attachments in Filemaker Go


     Hello Everyone-


     I am trying to build a script that attaches an excel file (which is not generated by FMP) to an email both in FMP 12 (in OS Mavericks) and Go (iPad iOS 7). This works just fine when the script executes in Pro.

     However, the file understandably doesn't attach when I execute the script in FMG, as the filepath is completely different. It's unclear how to proceed. 

     The Excel File is a timesheet for employees, and I need to update a particular cell in the file each week. The name of the file doesn't change, but I suppose that the file itself does - I don't know how that affects file path. FWIW, the file is stored in Dropbox, which is installed on both devices.

     I've looked at options involving importing the file into a container field, but this presents two problems as I understand it:

     1) The script doesn't generate a record, persay, of all the information necessary to compose the email with addresses, attachments, etc. and;

     2) I would need to export the file in FM Go in order to create a filepath to then attach, which I'm presently understanding isn't possible.

     If anyone has suggestions about how to proceed, I would greatly appreciate the feedback.