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Scripting the Open of a File in Go

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Aug 6, 2012
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Scripting the Open of a File in Go


It's easy to open a File in Go using Open File...  Until you, or I rather, try to use a variable in that step.


Open File ("MyFile") works when you've drilled down, etc.  Open File ($_my_file_path ) doesn't want to work when the variable is inserted inside the dialog window. 

So, is there somewhat to make a variable work if inserted in the dialog so "MyFile" contains the variable in the dialog?


Or, Open URL works just fine with Filemaker Pro 12 when the file is in the same folder as the active file. Open URL ("MyFile.fmp12") opens that file without problem. Until I try it in Go then pfffftttt...

I have tried dozens and perhaps hundreds of variations and still cannot find one method using a script to open a FileMarer File in the Go 12 directory using a variable.

Help appreciated...


To clarify, I a want to open a file using my variable with a step such as Open File Using Variable ( $$_variable)...