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Scrolling in browse mode and calculation fields - slow in GO

Question asked by ThirdBrain on Oct 11, 2011
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Scrolling in browse mode and calculation fields - slow in GO


I have an app that I wrote years ago and have just rewritten it from scratch again.  It works perfect except for this screen in FMGO.  It is essentially a catalog view of items.  Each row represents a "style" with each color available shown in the row and would be called an "item".  The app is very visually based so cutting back or removing the images is NOT an option.  Each image is a portal of those avaialbe based on the style#-color#, or item#.

My issue to two-fold.  When scrolling up and down the rows, I understand GO is blocky and nothing can be done about that, but when I tap on a picture to select it, if it's at the top of the list great and works perfect, but if its farther down the list, once selected the screen freshes from the top of the list down.  I have tried the Freeze window script to lock it in place while it's copying the item# from the current screen or catalog view, opening the order screen, creating a new record and pasting the item # there, then coming back to this screen.  In Pro it works in nano seconds, in GO not so much.  I get the blocking screen issue, but the scrolling screen part I don't understand.  I am often clicking on an item that is not the current record, but once tapped on, I don't want it to move.  Clicking the image again deselects the item.  It already is the current record at that point, but it does the scrolling thing in the refresh stage.  It looks bad and is really slow. With the gaming graphics capabilities I can't figure out why "simple" things are such a problem.  I certainly did not expect this...

The second part is once I have selected an item it places a checkmark next to it based on a calculation.  It takes 2-3 seconds for the check mark to show up.  Any suggestions to improving the speed?  Again, awesome and fast in Pro, slow in GO.