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Search field A and replace field B

Question asked by EvanStein on May 15, 2013
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Search field A and replace field B


     Good evening everyone!

     I'm working on an assets datablase for an IT firm that moves around a large quantity of computer devices (switches, routers, modems, etc.).  Every device has a unique barcode asset ID sticker on it.

     I'm trying to design an iPhone view that will allow a technician to scan the barcode (using the CNS Barcode app which is very VERY cool),  (or enter the ID number) in a "search" field and change the location of the device.  The barcode portion of the view is under control; I have that funtionality working perfectly.

     Think FedEx or UPS tracking.  If the device starts at office A, and then moves into truck 1, and then ends up at office B, the "location" field should be updated along the way, and the iPhone weilding truck driver should be able to scan the barcode on each device and change it's location.

     I'm stumped on how to write a script to "search" for the asset ID and then change the "Location" field.

     Any help would be much appreciated!!!