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Selecting fields and reporting in FM Go

Question asked by nickodm on Jan 17, 2011
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Selecting fields and reporting in FM Go



I am trying to give reporting functionality to my execs via FM Go/iPad in order for them to get the same visibility through the iPad as they would get using a regular computer. So I have a couple of questions on how to go about this.

Currently in order to select date ranges, offices, etc we utilize a third party plugin named WinDialog. I understand that third party plugins are not used within FM Go so I have created a new layout for the mobile users.

The goal would be either one of the following two things:

Option 1: 

Select date range

Select office or "all" (if applicable)

Select product or "all" (if applicable)

Select report (required)

Hit "Run Report"

Output natively


Option 2:

Selection of the same fields as above with the only difference being that the output is PDF which might be easier to read on an iPad.

So this is my project. All the examples I have encountered so far deal with browsing records. That functionality is working fine with zero programming. But the reporting is where the true power of this application is at and I want to capture this with FM Go.

Thank you.