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    Sending mail from Filemaker Go



      Sending mail from Filemaker Go



      I am running FileMaker Go 12 and I am trying to send a file on my iPad using the "Send Mail" function. I have set the function up to use a SMTP connection (gmail) and the PDF sits on the iPad at a relative path to the database. The PDF was created within the same database using the "Save Records As PDF" function.

      When I invoke the send file function, the text fields are sent but the PDF does not. However, when I check the option to send the PDF using "Save Records As PDF" function, a blank email pops up with the PDF attached.

      Is there a fix for this? Am I missing something?


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          I faced the same problem using the email client. There's a procedure recommended in the Development Guide, p13 which puts the file path in a variable and invokes that in both the save records scrpt step and the email dialog. It works perfectly, but it's not clear why putting the same information into the email form doesn't. I've not used the SMTP route but I think it should work. Good luck.