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Sending Multiple Emails From A Foundset

Question asked by user14040 on Apr 1, 2012
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Sending Multiple Emails From A Foundset


I posted this question in FM Pro forum but I think it should be here.


Trying to send multiple emails to defferent customers of their data.




Script finds customers with contract ending soon it list the following


John Doe has 2 pieces of equipment

Jane Doe has 3 pieces of equipment


I want to be able to send an email to both customers with just one push of a button instead of having to push the button twice.  If I had 50 customers that would not be efficient.


Right now I have a script that finds a list of customers, when I press the email button the email pops up with John Doe's equipment when I send the email out,  then it goes to next step in the script [go to next record] which is Jane Doe's equipment list, this is where I am stuck, how do I get it to go to the next record and sent the email by itself and then after the end of the foundset exit script?


finds two customers sends email to the two customers in the found set then exit the script.