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    Serious feature missing



      Serious feature missing


      Unless I am missing something, I cannot sync my fmp 12 files between my computer and my iPad using iCloud. Dropbox identifies the fmp 12 file as unreadable and deos not open it. the iPad FileMaker to Go ap does not offer me an option of opening a file which is stored on dropbox available in the iPad. Setting up a File Maker Server 12 is expensive.

      Please make fm 12 capable of syncing with iCloud or stop advertising that integration between the desktop and the iPad version is easy.

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          On dropbox, when you get to "unable to open" push the button on the bottom right of screen (box with arrow), FileMaker Go will pop up, press it, and it will open in FileMaker Go.  Keep in mind, everytime you sync with dropbox, it will add another copy of your database with a "(2)" after it.

          After your first sync, you're going to have to delete previous copies of your database from the FM Go start up screen, and from "open file browser...">>"files on this device".

          Most people recommend syncing with iTunes

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            I'm having the same issue, I need to update my database daily and still have it sync to be offline on my iPad. I don't like the idea of using Dropbox And have to delete copies out of fm, but I can't figure out how to keep the db synced thru iTunes. Is there a way that iTunes can automatically update the file without having to manually update the file within iTunes?
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              I agree with Andy. The iTunes alternative requires hard plugin to the computer. Even then it overwrites the file on the iPad, making the iPad uselessd for updating the data base. DropBox works but having to remove old copies is a bother. I sent my registration codes back and deleted the FP software. When they really make it compatable with Mountain Lion and iCloud, I might be back. In the meantime, Numbers works just fine and does update on iCloud.

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                     I have Mountain Lion on my iMac.  I like FileMaker 12 and I like FileMaker GO and can sync the two on my local network.  However, I need to carry a particular file around with me and would like to update it while I am on the "go".   iCloud would be perfect for this.  Why would you want us to use an outside application like Dropbox or worse connect to iTunes with a cable and work with a static file?

                Please consider making this compatible with iCloud.

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                       Syncing and transfering files are two different actions eventhough many people use them interchangebly.

                       To transfer a file you move a copy from one computer to another either overwriting or replacing the file. DropBox, iTunes, and almost all cloud services transfer/replace files.

                       To Sync a file you match the records in one file with another file replacing the changed data in a record, adding new records or deleting records. This is done using Filemaker scripting and cannot be done with DropBox, iTunes or any cloud service. 

                       Filemaker Server automatically 'syncs' the data the users see when a record is saved within limits of course as some records being veiwed must be refreshed before the changes are shown on screen to match the actual data in the database record. Usually Filemaker updates data on screen to match the changes on the server.

                       A unique non-hosted file on one computer can be linked/synced with a file on another computer if it is shared. These files can 'sync' data if you have the appropriate scripts.

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                         Also note one can only sync with an open Filemaker file whether on a server, shared using Filemaker Pro or between two files running in Pro on your computer.

                         No CLOUD runs Filemaker Pro.... So, iCloud, any cloud cannot sync two Filemaker files.

                         iCloud may not even store a copy of Filemaker files and may only store copies of Apple's install IOS applications. How would we check this?

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                      As far as I know Apple laid out new rules with OS X Mountain Lion that require developers to 'sandbox' apps in order to take advantage iCloud. If you sandbox FileMaker you will have more than one 'serious feature missing'.