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    Server Password



      Server Password


      I was wondering if there is anyway to store the server password on FM GO, as there is in the keychain of my Mac.  I have my iPad secured already and entering my user name and password in FM GO is a royal pain, especially given the amount of multitasking I do.

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          Christopher Nice:

          Thank you for your post.

          Instead of trying to cover the different options, I suggest reading a similar thread (that includes all options) at:

          Auto-Restore Login not working

          If you need additional clarification or run into further difficulty, please let me know.

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            An opener file which uses buttons or scripts and the Open File selection  will open any file anywhere that has the same account name and password without asking for it again.

            If you feel your IOS device is secure you can create an auto open file that automaticaly opens to the account and password so you don't have to enter them. An old technique...  However, you can see that this is a big security problem. Filemaker 11 has a security option to restrict file that can access a file so people can't create their own auto-opener files.

            I have a Menu.fp7 file that does this for me. I have created a button for every file I want to open whether on the IOS device, my local computer or a remote host. If the account name and password match, Filemaker opens the file without a dialog. If they do not match then I have to enter them. I have the file set to automaticaly open itself using the account name and password and since my files are only developmental, there is no security issue for client data.