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Setting Up Filemaker Go to see database over 3G

Question asked by Charlie999 on Jan 26, 2011
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Setting Up Filemaker Go to see database over 3G



If this is in here then i'm sory but could not find it.

Could someone please give me an idiots guide to setting up Filemaker Go to access my Database from Filemaker Pro over the 3G network.  The following is my set up.

  1. Using BT Home Hub 2 I think.
  2. iMac on home network running Filemaker Pro with database running.  Filemaker Go on iPhone.
  3. From the File>Sharing>Filemaker Network menu I've enabled this and the selected the file and enabled All Users.

This allows me to fully interact with the database on Filemaker GO over wifi same network but when you look at the Host Address its iMac.local.

When I switch to 3G on iPhone it wont find the database.

I then configured a Host giving the address that I got from step 2 which was in the form ???>???>?>??;££.£££. ££.£; where the ?'s look like my home network address.

Any ideas?