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    Share/Sync over Internet, Not LAN



      Share/Sync over Internet, Not LAN


      I have set up a database for sharing on my MacBook Pro, and it works flawlessly when I am on my home network. However, it does not connect remotely.

      Is there a way to set this up so I (and two other users) can access and sync from FMG when away from the local network?


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          Thank you for your post.

          If your MacBook Pro with a static IP Address, then other users should be able to access the database files.  In FileMaker Go for iPad, tap the right icon to the right of Remote Files and Hosts, and enter the static IP Address of the MacBook Pro.  Once saved, it will then appear in the Favorite Hosts, where you can select and access the database file.  In FileMaker Go for iPhone/iPod touch, tap "Open File Browser", and at the bottom of the File Browser screen, tap "Add Host...".  Enter the static IP Address, tap Save, and the IP Address will now appear under Favorite Hosts.  Tap it to see the files being hosted.

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

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            I think I have done all of this and set it up correctly, yet when attempting to connect to the host FileMaker Go says "(no files available)". Am I doing something wrong with regard to the IP Address? I am entering my computer's static IP Address (, and it does work on my home network.

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              I believe is not a static IP Address, as others use this on a Windows local area network.  Instead, launch a browser on the host machine and go to whatismyip.com.  This will give you the IP address that is referenced by your ISP.

              You may also want to read Knowledge Base Article #7840 about port forwarding:


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                instead of general instructions, i suggest that FM promulgate instructions specifically for Airport Extreme and Express and some typical large ISPs. I cannot figure out how to make this work with AT&T and Airport.

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                  Open File Sharing in Filemaker Pro.

                  Click all the files you want to share and the appropriate radio button.

                  If you have an internet connection your IP address will be shown and you use that in Go.

                  If you have wifi that will be shown and you use that.

                  There is no need to go to any website for this information.

                  The Internet address can change at any time if you are not paying for a static address as you will be sharing one and telcos have more subscribers than addresses so they rotate them in and out. This may be your problem.

                  You may also need to allow connections to Filemaker through your Firewall.

                  It is also possible that your IP blocks database sharing...