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    Sharing a hosted FMP file via FM Go



      Sharing a hosted FMP file via FM Go



         After spending a chunk of time searching this forum and reading help files I'm still unable to connect to my database on a local network using FM Go. I'm running FMPA 11 on Mac OS X 10.6.5. I recently acquired an iPad and purchased FM Go. Other than the iPad being a great and fun machine (big iPod) the main reason I have one is to access FMP databases, both locally via wifi and remotely via 3g once I sign up. The state of "how to" documentation on connecting to a hosted (FMP) file is dismal. Given that this type of sharing requires changes on both the iPad and the host machine, there should be a place to go that contains all the steps. As far as I can tell, there isn't.


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          Rick Whitelaw:

          Thank you for your post.

          Try following the instructions in Knowledge Base Article #7840 at:


          Once you have the router set up properly, launch FileMaker Pro and open the database file, making sure the file is set to be shared.  Then, launch FileMaker Go, tap the upper right icon to add a host and enter the host IP Address.  After saving, the host should then be listed in the right column.  Tap it, and a listing of hosted files for that computer will be listed.  Tap the file you want to access.

          Let me know if you run into difficulty.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thanks for the reply.

               I've followed all the instructions in the article and still no luck. I't's become a moot point however. I decided to move the files from a solution over to the iPad to evaluate FM Go and I've decided I'm not interested in using the product whether via hosting or with files on the iPad. I find it clumsy and limited. None of my menus show up, for example, and virtually all my scripts are menu-driven. I should have done more homework before buying the software. If I need remote access I'll do it via screen-sharing, VPN or VNC and run FMPA directly on the host machine.


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                   A bit of an update. The only way (so far) that I can connect is to disable the Firewall, which I'm not prepared to do. Network Utility shows Port 5003 to be open, and I've set up the Airport Extreme to map the port, which I suppose was necessary. Of course I've made the proper sharing adjustments in FMPA. There's nothing in the Firewall settings in Security Preferences other than allowing FMPA to accept incoming connections, which is on. 

                     I'm seeing that FM Go could be  useful for some solutions, or for my solution if modified. The Menu issue is huge. As well, from experimentation, I've found that scripts must have the "Show in Menu" box checked in FMPA for them to be useable in FM Go. I don't check this box for desktop solutions in general. I could have missed it, but I didn't find this info in any of the documentation.

                   I'm seeing FM Go as a way to carry data and do simple entries on the go when the files are on the iPad, but so far no joy using my desktop as host.



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                As far as the connectivity issue goes, you may need to bring in a "Pro from Dover" to sort it out. I've been doing this since before DOS and I still use a networking specialist to keep everything running smoothly. I have several clients who use iPhones and iPads with Go and and hosted FMP with no problems. We use wireless in the offices and VPN for 3G.

                Like you I don't expose scripts to the users (save a Go To Main Menu script) What I have done is create mini-files for the Go machines and use buttons to fire off any scripts. They can still log on to the main file if the really need to, but the mini files are just that, stripped down to the essentials, layouts, fields and scripts, needed for their tasks.

                My 2¢