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      Show Custom Dialog


      Hi FileMaker - 

      The Show Custom Dialog script step appears to not allow entry through input fields on a file.  My file is hosted with FMS 11 on a Apple Mini.  The Custom Dialog displays fine, but the data I enter in the Input Field does not.  Is there a way to get the data from an Input Field into a Table (preferably a related table using a Portal or a GTRR New Window)


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          Greg Huber:

          Thanks for posting!

          I'm sorry, it's not clear where you're running into difficulty. Could you clarify a bit? You should be able to set an input field in the Show Custom Dialog script step to point to a related record. You could even use the Go to Portal Row step to choose which row you want to insert the input into.


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            Hi TSBear -

            Thanks for the reply; I had a corrupted button and it would not run the script.  All sorted out.