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Show Custom Dialog - FileMaker Pro vs. FileMaker Go

Question asked by RayWallman on May 5, 2014
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Show Custom Dialog - FileMaker Pro vs. FileMaker Go


     I have written a data collection system using bluetooth scanners developing on FileMaker Pro 13.0v3 on a Mac.  The scripts take input using the 'Show Custom Dialog' verbs to collect barcoded text fields, terminated with a Carriage Return.  On the Mac, the Carriage Return acts as an end of string value and selects the default button value on the Dialog window.  For me, this is good.  On FileMaker Go, the Carriage Return is treated as data, and one can only exit the Dialog by pressing on one of the control buttons on the window.  This breaks the flow of bar coding and significantly slows down the operations.

     How can I simulate the operation of the Show Custom Dialog verb on File Maker Go to act as it does in FileMaker Pro?  In particular, what data character can I send to signify end of string and take the default button?  Conversely, can I hook in a script somewhere to scan for the Carriage Return and effect an exit of the 'Show Custom Dialog' verb?