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    Signatuer won't print!



      Signatuer won't print!


      I created a soultion where there are contracts that need signatuers, while it look good when I have the client sign the doc, it will not print the signatuer that is in the contanier.

      How can I make it so that when I print the contact it also prints the signatuer and not just say ( signature.png)


      Thank you all.

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          Guess having not tried this: the signature is stored in the png file so that is what will print.

          Drag the container field onto your contract form layout and that should print just as you can see it on the layout. 

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            Yep, the signature image is stored inside the container. I tested this with a networked file and with a local file on Go.

            Go does a little screen capture of the are where the image is stored or else it does something else...  :)

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              Thanks that fixed it

              Thank you very much


              Now I have another issue, will create new post but just in case you know that answer,I'll tell you now. See attached image


              When I see the layout were the client will sing it looks correct, but when I print and it show whats going to print the sig filed is moved down and out of place, however it dose print correclty in its palce.


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                First guess: the lock icons in the inspector are set for the bottom rather than the top and the container migrates to the bottom of the layout and you have the bottom of the body line dragged up to just below the ID field number by about one quarter of an inch.

                Next guess: you have a large container field on the layout and the formatting instructions (check the inspector) for the container field are to place the image at the bottom of the container rather than the top.

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                  Sorry, not following


                  When you say the lock icon in inspector are you talking about the filed? "see attacthed"

                  Which layout are you talking about?


                  Can you pls explain in more detail

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                    I got it workign exactly how I wanted,

                    Thank you very much for your help....