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    Signature Capture



      Signature Capture


      How can I auto select the signature option and goto the signature screen on an ipad rather than having to choose between ( Choose From Library / Get Signature / Open / Email ) ?

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          That is also something that I'd be interested in knowing how to do. I'm going to assume you'd have to have FileMaker Pro Advanced to customize the menu in that manner. But, that is just a guess. I could be wrong.

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            John Fleming and Fahim Surani:

            Thank you for your posts.

            At this time, there is no button or script step that will execute the "Get Signature" option.  I recommend that you enter this suggestion into our Feature Requests web form at:


            The Feature Requests entered are monitored and read by our Development and Product Management departments where they are then discussed and considered for a future release.  Although I could copy your posts and paste them into the web form, there are a few questions asked that only you can answer.

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