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Signature Issue on Go 13 (iOS 8)

Question asked by JonathanStars on May 23, 2015
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Signature Issue on Go 13 (iOS 8)


We're using FM Go 13.0.9 on iPad* running iOS 8.1.3 (connecting to Server 12) and it will not accept signatures. I can click into the field to get the popup, select Signature, and it takes me to the signature area where I can scribble. But when I return to the FileMaker layout, the signature does not show.


This was not an issue until we updated from iOS 7 to 8.


How can we get this working again?


Here's another hint: I can choose Camera and the picture I take will show up in the container field—so the container field is working.



* iPad Model MD788LL/B


Thank you.


J Stars