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    Signature Size



      Signature Size


      The area that pops up for someone to provide their signature is large. When I accepted the signature, it was way beyond the size limits of my container field, and I could only see the middle (vertically) of the signature in the field in browse mode. Can you limit the signature area to the size of the container field? How can you know how big to make the signature?

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          Instead of repeating the same post, you can "bump" it back into the top by replying to your own post. That avoids the chance you might get different responses to different copies of the same post.

          I don't have FM GO nor a device to run it on. But I do know that you can use FileMaker Pro to specify a format for the container field to "reduce or enlarge to fit" so that you'll at least be able to see the entire signature image. Select the field while in layout mode, then use the data Formatting section of the Inspector's Data tab to select this option for the container field.

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            Oh, I should've known that. Wasn't thinking since it was something "new" but it really isnt....its just a graphic in the end. Only the method of input is different....

            Sorry about duplicate posts...