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Simultaneous access to script/find/dataset

Question asked by symbister on Jul 22, 2013
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Simultaneous access to script/find/dataset



     We've recently set up a couple of iPads with FMG, running a central database served from FM Server.

     The particular use is for door guest registration at events, so I set up an identical layout for each one, with a base layout on events, with a portal to contact_events, a link table between contacts and events

     The portal lists those contacts who were invited to a particular event, and the layout has a button to run a script to Find Attendee, which prompts for contact names and runs a search on the event_contact table, then jumps to that particular portal row

     All good until both iPads are running the same script at the same time, running a similar find on the same dataset, when one or other of them sticks on the contact_event table layout (ugly) and produces no result

     How can I avoid this apparent 'locking-up' of a script that is being asked to run on two machines simultaneously - is it as simple as copying the script and running for example Script A on iPad A, and Script B on iPad B?

     I'm guessing that this could also occur on desktops, but we've never needed a realtime solution to logging attendees before.

     any help appreciated as always