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Sizing a layout for FM Go

Question asked by DennyHayes on Sep 26, 2010
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Sizing a layout for FM Go


Sizing a window and fonts gets a little tricky, and you need to consider some things before you finalize the sizes.  It is always best to optimize the layout that will be seen on the iPhone, but it is not as simple as picking a size that will look good on the iphone. In both landscape mode and portrait there are optimum width that will fill the screen, and stop the accidental scrolling left and right, which gets very annoying. You can make a layout very small and assume that it will blow up to fill the screen, but you would be wrong. The easiest way is to simply draw a small box on the layout, and gradually increase the width until there is no horizontal scrolling. Then you position all of you text and fields inside that box. 

 In addition, picking the right font and size is important.  When I first created a layout for the iphone I picked Geneva 9 pt. But what happens is that when you click into the field to enter data, the height of the field approx doubles, which does not look very good. The height of the fonts stays the same, but there will be way too much space under the test. Also the text that horizontally filled the field on the Mac does not fill the field on the iPhone. This can be an advantage though, because it enables you to make the field shorter, and therefore put more data on the layout.

 Just don't make the mistake that I made with my first iPhone layout. I spent a day setting the layout size to scroll vertically, but didn't realize that it would scroll sideways, so I had to start over and spend another day resizing everything.