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    Slow FMGo / iPad



      Slow FMGo / iPad


           Loading a seating chart or any action on the chart with FMGo 13/iPad takes 6-8 seconds compared to even old Core Duo MacBooks at less than 1/2 second for the same actions.  This is from the same DB, the same server, and on the same network.  We have tried other networks with the same results.

           We have a sizable investment in reservations/ticketing development. We use FMS13 and FMP13 with Mac desktops for reservations and reporting along with 4 iPad POS workstations for ticketing, seating assignment, and ticket printing with Boca Printers. 

           Is there a "fix" for the iPad "slow" issue without going to Mac or Windows touchscreen computers with FMP for the POS?

           The iPads work slick except for this "slow manual seating" issue and a print issue related to AirPrint/Printopia not having a "print settings" feature on the iPad side.    Any help would be appreciated.

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               The iPad is not as fast as a computer. Just as a moped is not as fast as a car. This is a consideration that has to be made when designing a layout for the iOS device and is another reason it is recommend for the iOS device to have its own layout.