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Solution Fails Every Way You Turn !

Question asked by alanfair on Jan 12, 2013
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Solution Fails Every Way You Turn !


     OK, I will start by saying I am still new to filemaker, and it may be my lack ok knowledge, but i find i am banging my head against the wall, and hit issues every way I turn. So here is the story.

     I am writing a simple inspection program for the ipad.  It generates a report that can be emailled.

     I of course develop this on PC, with compatibility set to iOS.  The report is generated using the "save records as PDF" script step, i generate two reports and append the second on too the first, and then output the report as an attachment to email.

     Great, that all works fine on the PC, move the app to the ipad, and the second report, does not get appended to the first. Spend hours trying to work out why, post a query to the forum, but gets no response,  then finally in a seperate document i find some reference to the appending of PDF not being supported on FM GO.

     So great i think !!, wondering why the append option on this script step is not greyed out when the iOS compatibility option is set in the script section.

     So No problem I think, not as nice, but I will generate two reports save them as PDF, and then attach them both to an email.  But only one seems to attach when i run the script. - Further reading seems to indicate filemaker will only attach one file to an email.

     So there you go, around and around in circles.  So does any one who is much brighter than me, have any suggestions as to how, I can either merge two reports into one PDF on the FM Go plateform or attach 2 attachemnts to an email.

     Cheers in advance

     I seems to me, and again I am only new, but the appending pdf feature need supporting on the ipad side, and attaching more that one file in an email need supporting on both as a matter of urgency.