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Sort Records very slow_Better Way to do this?

Question asked by bookalaka_1 on Apr 5, 2011
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Sort Records very slow_Better Way to do this?


Recently purchased FMgo after having FMT is quite a delight to use. I am having a preformance issue and wondering if there is a better way to approach my searches. The database is approximately 2000 records of items that are either in or out of stock. My script goes to the layout, finds the items "In Stock" and sorts by alphabetic code. On my laptop there is no delay but on the Iphone 3gs the find and sort is very slow is there a setting I need to change or this is just the performance quality I should expect?. All of the fields are indexed. My script is straight forward as follows:

Select Window Name "Inventory"

go to layout "pb_List"

perform find [restore] goes to field and finds the "In Stock"

Sort Records

go to record request/first