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Sound file won't run in FMP Go

Question asked by carolchansen on Feb 26, 2011
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Sound file won't run in FMP Go


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I recently purchased FMP Go app for my iPod 2nd generation 8GB.

I got it specifically to design a communication device for our non-verbal daughter.

With my Mac running OS X 10.6.6
In FMP Pro 11.0v3, I have inserted sound into a container field that I named “sound” and recorded a word.

When selected it in FMP Go it brings me to “Choose from Library”  (iPhoto). It does show that there is a snd.wave file there.

I have also created a script

Go to Field [Select / perform; Words::Sound]

In the Sound field I have inserted sound and recorded a word.

This script works on FMP Pro 11.0v3 but in FMP Go

It just brings me to insert photo from iPhoto.

I bought this app with the understanding it supported sound – which is pivotal for this file.