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    Sound file won't run in FMP Go



      Sound file won't run in FMP Go


      Sent 2/25 to forum

      I recently purchased FMP Go app for my iPod 2nd generation 8GB.

      I got it specifically to design a communication device for our non-verbal daughter.

      With my Mac running OS X 10.6.6
      In FMP Pro 11.0v3, I have inserted sound into a container field that I named “sound” and recorded a word.

      When selected it in FMP Go it brings me to “Choose from Library”  (iPhoto). It does show that there is a snd.wave file there.

      I have also created a script

      Go to Field [Select / perform; Words::Sound]

      In the Sound field I have inserted sound and recorded a word.

      This script works on FMP Pro 11.0v3 but in FMP Go

      It just brings me to insert photo from iPhoto.

      I bought this app with the understanding it supported sound – which is pivotal for this file.



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          Carol Hansen:

          Thank you for your post.

          At this time, FileMaker Go will neither play nor allow recording of sound in a Container field.  Our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments are aware of this limitation.  No other information is available at this time.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            I was experimenting with the FileMaker Go web viewer and it will play .wav audio files and quicktime files, thanks to Safari Mobile.  It will not play .caf files.  This may not be a supported feature but it does work.  If you need this feature in FileMaker Go you will have to do the following:

            1. Save the audio file to a file system folder or an internet cloud storage system such as Mobile Me or Dropbox. You cannot save it to directly to the iPad or iPhone or iTouch.

            2. Copy the path to the audio file and save it in a field in the FileMaker database.

            3. Create a layout with a web viewer that will load the viewer with the text string of the path to the audio file.

            4. Open FileMaker Go and navigate to the Web Viewer layout and the audio file will load and play.

            Best Regards,

            Charlie  (FMBiz.net)

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              Thanks so much for the tip. I might try it in the future. A very clever approuch.

              At this time we don't always have acess to wifi so I need to make it imbedded in the file.

              Hoping for FM in the near future to make Quicktime and Sound files compatible with FM Go.


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                Another way to paly caf is to convert it to other audio formats like mp3, wav, wma, ogg, flac, aiff and more


                the following is a step by step guide on how to Convert CAF to WAV, MP3, AAC, M4a, OGG on Windows and Mac

                at http://www.bigasoft.com/articles/how-to-convert-caf-audio.html

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                  I am able to save an audio file to the iPad2.  First import field contents into a container field.  Use the export field contents and set a variable to get(DocumentsPath) plus the name of the audio file.

                  create some html and place into global field.  View the resulting code in web viewer.


                  However seems to have a different outcome in iOS 5. 

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                    hi Carol

                    we too have been setting up a solution involving user recordable sound files and and user editable pics for use as communication switches for our profoundly disabled child; we have a FM Pro solution working well on desktop devices, but need to port to iPad for him to try, as he can't use a mouse or assisted input aid..

                    While Charlie's  workround above is clever and further could be autoscripted, it is potentially messy for our needs, as already domestically harassed carers and users would be asked to prepare sounds in order of pic/sound sets for our solution for example, then put them in a Dropbox folder (again could be scripted)- the script then could pick line 1 line 2 etc as required, and play it in the global webviewer box unseen, to coincide with the appropriate picture. Our solution is further complicated by allowing moving the pics around to encourage the child to 'hunt' for the desired pic. (but again WiFi will now be needed to run the solution and editing can now not take place on the iPad itself)

                    All this unfortunately looses the easy user editing and customising required for these special needs apps, which is running so well and simply  on the desktop FM Pro solutions.

                    Remember the reason for us considering using/trying out FM Go and  the iPad  in the first place, is so that these children who can't use a mouse or assisted input aid, can possibly try to interact and communicate, and that their Parents, Teachers and helpers, can easily set up and edit, individual picture and sound associations.

                    so please TSGal pass on our wishes for a fix for this sound in a container problem asap

                    thx in advance
                    In the meantime we are now having to look at rewriting a native IOS solution perhaps with Livecode

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                      have roughed out a looped export script involving pasting (and an applescript to quicktime)for the desktop solution, that prepares files to dropbox; but i wonder whether it might be better to script for export to itunes and a playlist (that could be synced in the usual way with the desktop device)- that could be called from within the Go solution -- as i know that  background audio is possible (eg http://mobile.tutsplus.com/tutorials/iphone/ios-sdk_background-audio/) and (http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/navigation/index.html?#section=Frameworks&topic=AVFoundation)

                      the use of itunes would then also allow users to edit from our solution on windows machines more easily (or at least for me coding it alongside the mac!) and more importantly for it to work without WiFi.

                      Do any of you see any ways we can get this to work from within FM Pro under Go? or must i continue a rewrite for a native IOS Solution

                       (Ideally we really need the ability to record in Go, and as this is available in the IOS, please could this be a required/requested feature for future versions, accessible from a FM Pro script)

                      thx in advance

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                        stog muller (et al):

                        Thank you for your posts.

                        Sound files (mp3, aiff, etc.) are now playable in FileMaker Go 1.2.3.  Tap on the sound file in a Container field, and the option "Open" will open the sound file and play it.  However, FileMaker Go does not have the ability to automatically play it from a script step.  The tapping of "Open" is required at this time.

                        FileMaker, Inc.

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                          thx TSGal for your reply

                          We are though trying to get immediate response from any type of click in the general area - it may be that we will need to produce a mouseover option - either describing the object or instead of any attempted completion of click; my lad is CP, quaruplegic and blind (sees a little we think)

                          ps i can't get your forum hover over image to work; it works in preview swapping 2 images set in 'advanced', not showing yes / no at all , so maybe i must delete yes/no for you to see the hover screenshots


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                            I disagree and have posted a bug against this.  Within iOS 5 the functionality has changed.  You can export audio from container to the fmgo documents.  You can then script this to open in webviewer and my experience has been that you can get it to play on load.


                            I an provide more details if necessary.

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                              thx mickey


                              i got 'export script from a container' not supported error on attempting such, and had to run a looped copy/paste routine instead - could you post or PM me a   script snippet'? as it would be great if we could get this to work as simply as possible for school and helpers and other non computer literate Special needs Parents.

                              i must add that Filemaker has allowed us to put together a great solution relatively quickly, which edits and works superbly on Desktops for both mac and windows, and allows Parents to customise the sound and vision for their child's needs.

                              It would be great to get this functionality onto the iPad for non mousing kids. (and the thought of having to do this in native IOS doesn't fill me with joy! especially as it is my more able bodied son who has been helping me make this for his disabled twin brother; he has been good with both his introduction to FM and Livecode considering he is only 9! 


                              many thx

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                                Here is a link to a file i have sent to filemaker in regards to the bug.

                                it works on FMGo, but not on the mac.


                                This is a very crude example.

                                The audio file plays a click sound when loaded.  If you put a refresh button on the webviewer it would play the click when ever the web viewer is refreshed.

                                the $$logo variable is the location of the audio file when exported to the documents area.

                                The important elements for your issue are toward the bottom.  Create $$logo button.  Web Viewer $$logo. Value for $$logo.  The rest is related to a bug that is not part of your solution.

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