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Split Screen procedure for FMGO?

Question asked by bookalaka_1 on May 24, 2011
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Split Screen procedure for FMGO?


On my Desk top computer  I have two windows that remain open Window "A" has my order form and Window "B" has my Inventory, Product notes etc.  Using scripts I am able to copy an Item code into a portal on to Window A from B and works very well. Of course there are limitations to FMGO so using a script to move to a new window and back to another window is painfully awkward and using dropdown lists with multiple items is clumsy. Yesterday I started using the Ipad "Notes"  and the layout is very practical for me but I don't know how to achieve it in FMGO. Notes simply has a portal column on the left that contains the title of the topic and on the right side is a note pad with all the user's information

My ideal layout would be to have a Inventory Column on the leftside with a gCode that I could do a  quick "find"  to limit  items to choose from. On the Right Side would be my "Order Form" that  I could copy by a triggered script  items my customer wishes to order by simply clicking on a button. (The usual scenario is I'm on the phone or in front of someone so the process needs to be fairly quick)

From previous posts I have figured how to use a " Filtered Portal" with a gCode for my inventory but I can not figure how to combine the two in one table. (Thinking its not possible is it?)  The Inventory uses Tables ''inventory ID" and "Inventory Line Items" and the Order Form uses "Order ID" and Order Line Items"  How can I combine the two and retain the integrity of an "order Number"?

This is the Calc you had given me for the Inventory Portal that works perfectly.

IsEmpty ( Inventory_ID::gCode_Sup ) or Inventory_ID::gCode_Sup = Inventory_Items::Code_Supplier

Thank you for the insight.