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    still can't find FM on iPad



      still can't find FM on iPad


      Thanks for the info regading FileMaker GO.  Followed your direcgtions, but still can't find it on my iPad, even though repeated attempts tells me that it was moved (from iTunes window).  ??

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          It's best to use post A Answer below your original post so that you build a "thread" of questions and responses. Otherwise it is quite difficult at times to understand what the issue is and thus make a suggestion that might help you.

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            Carl Streeter:

            When you launch FileMaker Go, all FileMaker Pro files local to the iPad should appear in the left column under "Files on Device".  If the file is not there, then connect your iPad to your Mac, launch iTunes on the Mac, select your iPad under DEVICES in the left pane, click the "Apps" tab on the right side, scroll down to the bottom and under Apps, click the FileMaker Go icon.  The listing of files should be the same.  If not, then drag the file from your Mac into the Documents area assigned to FileMaker Go, and the file will then be copied to the iPad.

            Let me know if you continue to run into difficulty.

            FileMaker, Inc.